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Guys, she has the same Burberry cape that Cara Delevingne wore down the runway… start drooling now.
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Anna Nicole applying her lipstick.
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Olaf   2014 
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"A dress is like a blender — it does all the legwork for you."
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Kendall & Kylie for DuJour
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I watched this for about a minute and a half before hitting the post button. 
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For I am about to do something new. See, I have already begun! Isaiah 43:19, NLT.

Can you see the “brand new thing” God is doing in your life? Sometimes it’s easy to see the hand of God moving, and sometimes the storms of life can cloud our vision. But no matter where you are in life today, meditate on this truth that God is working even when you can’t see Him. Like a seed buried deep in the ground, it may seem dark and lonely and there may be dirt all around, but that is place where life springs forth. Trust that God is doing a new thing! You can trust Him because He is faithful! His plan for you today is blessing. His plan is to give you a future and a hope. His plan is to do a new thing in your life. Let go of the thoughts of the past and open your heart to what God is doing today. Ask Him to show you what He’s doing. Ask Him to reveal it to your heart. Seek Him and you will find Him and see the brand new think He’s doing in you!

Prayer for Today:Heavenly Father, thank You for doing a work in me, even when I don’t see it. Thank You for the brand new thing You have. I open my heart and put my faith and trust in You in Jesus’ name! Amen.
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gisele at m. officer fall/winter 2000
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Such important looks!!
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Grimes, Sky Ferreira, and Charli XCX in GIVENCHY BY RICCARDO TISCI.
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Charlie Newman By Andrea Olivo For Vanity Fair Italia 6th August 2014