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“You can’t control the Universe. You are the water, not the rock.” 

But actually, after a very long time, if it keeps going, the water will eventually shape the rock. You don’t realize it at first but it’s happening, it happens every second. Yes, you’re the water, but if you can’t see how you changed the universe, it doesn’t mean you didn’t.

You are what everyone needs in their life

Oh…but you see i was there..i gave you my time…all my sweet precious time…did i ask for to much? Did i say something wrong? Am i overthinking…should i move right along? Im soo fucked up in the head…i cant ever get it right..not even in my bed. Just i’ll stay to myself..but dont look my way…dont do that at all…because something stupid might happen like i could fall..
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Thank you 80’s purple! 80spurple
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Naomi Campbell Covers Vogue Australia May 2014 Special Collector’s Edition By Emma Summerton
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So this happened last night. I promise I wasn’t scared. #alifealive
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"Be silent in a group of people
See what they reveal to you."
Yoko Ono (via thatkindofwoman)

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workout ready….
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